Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Large Image File Processing

Combining large image file can be very tricky. After hours of trying and googling, I stumble upon a cool image processing tools named netpbm. It solved my problem immediately.

I have a very large tiff map image files that need to be stitched into 1 large map. Common image processing software such as Photoshop and Gimp will hang on my laptop since the total file size is over 5 GB.

With netpbm, combining those images is a breeze.

1. Download netpbm from
2. Do not forget to download the "dependencies", you'll need it later on
3. Run tifftopnm to convert all tiff files to portable bitmaps format
4. Run pnmcat -lr or -tb to combine the images
5. Run pnmtojpg to produce the end result in jpeg format