Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Send MSMQ Message to Private Queue on Different Machine

Faced a requirement from client to set up a system that require sending of MSMQ message to remote MSMQ private queue recently.

Below are the steps to set up simple MSMQ system:

1. Install MSMQ on the sender PC (32 bit Vista)
Go to Program and Features > add Windows Component > Message Queuing

2. Install MSMQ on the destination PC (32 bit Windows Server 2008)
Go to Server Manager > Features > Add > Message Queuing

3. Create a private queue on the destination PC
Go to Server Manager > Features > Message Queuing > Private Queue
Right Click Private Queue > New > Name your new private queue
Right click on the newly created private queue > Properties
Go to security tab and allow Anonymous Access

4. The remote queue can be accessed from sender PC with the following Format Name:

Sample Code in C# here

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