Saturday, December 4, 2010

Buying Stuff Online

Have you ever use ebay to buy or sell something? If the answer is yes, you may already realize the advantage of using it. Otherwise you may want to give it a try. Ebay is the world largest online auction site. Online transaction grows day by day. More and more people use online media to research products that they are going buy and do the transaction online.

There are several advantage of buying stuff online:
1. You can make the purchase anytime
2. You can make the purchase anywhere, yes I mean anywhere using your smartphone browser
3. Buy product that is not available in your town, city or country
4. Buy product that you do not know where to get
5. Buy product at cheaper price, I personally bought my htc screen protector at much cheaper price on ebay
6. Research the product online before pressing the buy button, you can open different browser to do it
7. And the most important thing is THERE IS NO SALESPERSON THAT COME AND DISTURB YOU. This matters for some people including me. They can sometimes affect your decision and mess up everything.

Well, buying stuff online also has its disadvantages:
1. No salesperson to ask
2. You cannot touch or try the stuff
3. You need a credit card
4. Seller reputation is important
5. Delivery time and cost

Although there are some disadvantages of buying stuff online, the advantage greatly outweight the disadvantages in certain cases or product type. As we can see, online transaction grows day by day and more and more company has established their online store.
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