Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do

I heard this story in a seminar few days back. Quite an interesting story, I believe everybody like a story, so why not I share this story.

There was an experiment conducted by some psychological expert in an unspecified country. Guess what? It involves monkeys, you can guess from the title. Ten monkeys were put inside a closed room in a lab. A banana tree was planted in the middle of the room and a trap was set. Everybody will start asking, what is the trap for? Here is how the trap works: it will detect anything that come near to the banana on the tree and spray pressurised water to push the invader out from the banana.

Naturally monkeys love banana, what happens was these monkeys tried to climb the tree and grab the banana. Every time the monkeys almost reach the banana, pressurised water was sprayed. As the results all monkeys would fall back to the ground. This incident terrified these minkeys. They no longer dare to climb the banana tree.

A week later the trap was switched off and a new set of 10 monkeys were put into the room. Every time the 2nd batch of monkeys tried to climb the tree, monkeys from the previous batch will pull them down. This happened every time till they stop trying.

When the following week came, a new set of 10 monkeys were put into the room. Ten monkeys from the first batch were taken out. Surprisingly enough, when the new monkeys tried to reach the banana, monkeys from the 2nd batch will try to stop them by pulling them down frim the tree. The same thing happened to the 4th 5th and 6th batch. Even though the trap has been switched off.

Moral of the story? Sometimes people around us will attempt stop us from trying something new just out of concern that we may get into trouble. Most of the times, their worries are unfounded. Don't let other people opinion stop you from achieving your dream if you believe in what you are doing.
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