Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Farmer and A Donkey

Once upon a time in a small village on Alcaz island live a farmer with his donkey. One day the farmer went to the town to sell apples that he just harvested with his donkey. On the way back they walk pass a small forest. Suddenly the donkey fall into a deep hole. The hole was so deep, it is impossible for for the monkey to climb out if it. The farmer thought "What can I do, the hole is soo deep. Ahh never mind lar, it is an old donkey anyway. I just go and buy a new donkey online. It will be delivered in few days time." The farmer continued his journey home. The donkey said "Aaaaa help.. help.. what am I going to do, die lar.."

After walking for some time, the farmer felt guilty and sad leaving his donkey behind. He then went to his friend to ask for help. They came back to the spot witha shovel in hand. The farmer friend then started to shovel earth down to the hole. The donkey said "Oh wat the toot help.. help.." because the earth has started to bury him. The donkey started to struggle, he use his feet to reach out and jump, shake of the earth from his body, screaming and strugle to survive.

Because of his strugle, instead of burying him alive, the earth started to fill the hole. The donkey move higher and higher and higher out of the hole. The farmer wad very happy to get his donkey back.

Moral of the story? When everything seems to go againts you, chances are you are on the right track to get out of the hole.
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